FAULT2SHA: linking faults to seismic hazard assessment in Europe

FAULT2SHA is the name of our WG that aims to link earthquake geologists, fault modellers, seismologists and seismic hazard (SH) practitioners. The objective of the WG is to provide end-users with a common understanding of how faults are actually defined, how the associated uncertainty is quantified and propagated in SH and how fault-modellers’ (e.g. "super-cycle") concepts can best be incorporated in seismic hazard studies. We are proposing to formalize this working group at the up coming 2016 ESC meeting in Trieste and we invite you to join the discussion by telling us what you believe are important topics that should be adressed in future FAULT2SHA meetings (next meeting proposal tentatively after EGU_2017). Please fill out the poll at the link provided below and visit our website at:
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